About MiVIA

MiVIA™ was launched in 2003 as a personal health record for migrant and seasonal workers in Sonoma Valley, California. Today MiVIA™ provides an electronic record for several thousand people and their families across the country. The program has expanded opening the door for other populations with special or unique needs. It is especially useful for people who have no insurance, who have chronic medical conditions and/or who access care from many different providers or locations.

MiVIA™ is increasingly being adopted by clinics, mobile medical units, rural hospitals and practices as a simple easy-to-use and cost effective electronic medical record (EMR) connecting providers serving MiVIA™ members and each other.

Program History

Using Technology to Improve Health for Agricultural Workers

MiVIA™ (My Way) was designed as a collaborative effort of Vineyard Worker Services, St. Joseph Health System- Sonoma County and Community Health Resource & Development Center in 2002. Since then, these community based organizations have worked closely to help improve the quality of life and health conditions of farm workers living and working in the Sonoma Valley and beyond.

Migrant and seasonal farm workers and mobile population groups suffer disproportionately from undiagnosed and/or unattended chronic medical conditions due to a lack of continuity of care resulting from a transient lifestyle. This fragmentation of care contributes to poor health outcomes and increased costs. MiVIA™ offers a solution. MiVIA™ is an electronic and therefore transportable, Personal Health Record (PHR). The ability to store and download critical health information such as diagnosis, medications, allergies, chronic conditions, treatment plans and test results will support continuity of care, enhance health outcomes and decrease duplication of services.

Even when workers are able to access health care, that care is sporadic and fragmented as the workers move from job to job; community to community; leaving their medical records, test results, prescription information and care plans behind, resulting in unnecessary duplication in services. This lack of continuity in their health care contributes to poor health outcomes and increased costs to an already burdened health care system.

Each member’s PHR is password protected, using 128 encryption and is HIPAA compliant providing audit trails, secure messaging and provider entry portals. MiVIA™ allows patients, or any advocate whom they authorize, to download their information at any time or to have the information downloaded by a health care provider.

MiVIA™ was initially funded by the Rural Community Assistance Corporation (2002-2004) and the California Endowment (2005-2006).

Purpose Statement

The MiVIA™ personal health record (PHR) was created for mobile people for the purpose of storing and downloading health information and for the purpose of being able to share that information with multiple doctors and clinics. This is especially important for people who go to many health clinics, move frequently or have serious medical conditions and see many health care providers.

Every year thousands of people get sick or even die because of medical mistakes. Many times these mistakes happen because the doctor or the hospital does not have enough information or the right information about a person’s medical history.

The ability to store health information such as diagnosis, medications, allergies, immunizations, chronic conditions, implanted devices, and test results can help improve the healthcare you receive and can also help avoid getting duplicate tests which can save you, as a MiVIA™ member, time and money.

How to Use MiVIA

MiVIA™ is very simple to use. Once you are enrolled as a member you will receive a login and password. You can enter information about your health at any time. MiVIA™ also has family accounts so that you can register either as an individual or as a family and manage up to 8 family member’s records.

MiVIA™ members also receive an Emergency Identification Card that list emergency contacts, medical conditions and any medications or allergies. These cards can be printed at any time when such information is updated or changed and can be given to schools, teachers, carried in wallets, stored in the car glove box, or given to other family members.

You can share information with your doctor or clinic in three ways. (1) You can print out a summary report of your MiVIA™ record and present it to your doctor, (2) you can give them your login and a special password and they can view the information and add to it, (3) your doctor or clinic can also sign up as a MiVIA™ Network Provider and view and enter information into your record, with permission by you, securely. If you are a clinician and would like more information, click on MiVIA™ Providers.

Privacy and Security

No personal information about MiVIA™ users is given to any other person. The information stored on your MiVIA™ chart is secure. No one, including the government, can have access to the information. You may cancel your MiVIA™ chart at any time. MiVIA™ does not collect information about immigration status. You health information is sent through the Internet to a special facility, called a “server farm” that stores information electronically. This information is sent in a way to keep it safe called SSL. Your information is not kept on a local computer. You can access your MiVIA™ record anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. All you need is your password and login. You can find computers with Internet access at libraries, clinics, schools, cafes and shopping centers.

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