What is MiVIA™?
MiVIA™ is a service that provides a safe location to store important health information. The information is available online to authorized care providers including practitioners, county case workers, and caregivers at residential and employment sites. The information is private and confidential. No information is given to anyone without the owner's, or their legal representative's, permission.

MiVIA™ is a system that keeps personal medical information stored on a computer in a safe place so that when a care provider needs the information, they can get it quickly. No information on MiVIA™ users is given to any other person. The information stored on MiVIA™ charts is secure. No unauthorized person can have access to the information. You may cancel your MiVIA™ chart at any time.

Who owns the MiVIA™ record?
Your MiVIA™ record is owned by you and your legal representative. MiVIA™ records are password protected and information can only be released with permission of the patient and/or their legal representative. MiVIA™ allows you or your legal representative to authorize others to download their information at any time or to have the information downloaded by a healthcare provider. MiVIA™ includes a printable emergency card listing names of providers, medications and chronic conditions.

What kind of information does MiVIA™ collect and store?
The information MiVIA™ stores includes the patient’s medical history, names of doctors and other care providers, and a record of immunizations, hospital visits and any serious conditions. MiVIA™ can also keep insurance, address, and emergency contact information.

Why are photos part of the record? Are they required?
A patient’s photo can help identify them in case of emergency or if a doctor or clinic are not sure of the name in their files. Many of the MiVIA™ members have used their photo and emergency card for identification purposes. The MiVIA™ card is not recognized as an official government card and does not offer any health benefits other than storing your health information.

Do I have to have my photo on MiVIA™?
Yes. Including a photograph of the person with their medical records will be another way of keeping the records private and secure, by allowing the reader to match the photo with the person in front of them. This is an important part of making sure that the information listed on MiVIA™ is for the correct person.

Who has access to my MiVIA™ record?
Only persons authorized legally or with signed permission from a patient or their legal guardian has access to your MiVIA™ record.

I would like more information about MiVIA™. Whom should I contact?
Want more information? You may contact us at (707) 234-8550

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